Wednesday, December 06, 2006

THWAK....That's gonna leave a mark for sure!

Tuesday....MM day...YEAH!

Got to work...and had a great day. I worked on Yamadasan's bracelet that I have had for way too long and finally fixed it...YEAH ME...and besides beading during work...sweet!

Anyways....back to the good stuff....

I am gonna take a few classes this next year...but the sign ups are NEXT WEEK...what the??? is an ADVANCED wire working class in Feb. with my FAV instructor Lisa Niven Kelly! YEAH!!! and I'm gonna go to Portland for the CK Convention....and take a few okay 4 altered art classes....yeah....SO WISH ME LUCK that I get in and get all the classes I there are only soooo many seats!

So I headed down to good ole FT and hit the RB for a little warm up....and then it was time...MM and I rocked it....what a great workout....I've really stepped it up the last two weeks...and he was almost beeming at my I was so trying to catch my happened.

I hit the wall after my work out....pretty scary. NO fuel left to operate my depeleted body. The banana only helped my blood sugar...glad I thought of that...cuz that would have been Thwak, passout and that really did leave a mark time...ugh....I just realized that I need to change my emergency contact info on my Medic Alert - ugh...Michael and Brian are still on there....gosh I miss them. I hate that Michael is made at me and that Brian...well Brian is Brian...a badd badd badd man...I miss him so much....I was thinking of him the other day and started to cry. I wonder if he'll show up like he promised on the 21st. He did last year...gosh I hope...BUT I know that I am sooo much stronger this year than the last 2 - especially the last year...sorry sidetracked.d...okay back to the dealio...

SO after emailing GIP and MM, I heard back from GIP (Girl In Pants formally known as Not So Scary Josh) and he suggested a protein drink prior and after working that's what will happen for just to hear back from MM....I am sure he will think the same...but heck, one never to Super Supplements for a little protein!


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