Monday, May 15, 2006

A Sunny Saturday

OH yeah! Saturday! My whole schedule is changed on Saturday's now. Tony comes to clean the building at 10am-ish. SO I must be up and at em and out before he shows up. I realized when he stopped by this last weekend...and we chatted for a bit....that he didn't stay and do all the stuff. NOTE to self...he's got a scheduled time and need to not be around so he can get stuff done.

So I got up early on Saturday, did a few things I needed to went and got Starbucks and picked up breakfast and headed to "V"'s.

We had a great late breakfast and a nice little snuggle and a little nap. I got up, leaving him to sleep..he's been working sooo much lately, poor guy! I had a few appointments to show the apartment, took care of that and off to go see my crazy customers!

Had a blast with my customers...they crack me up. This time they brought their granddaughters....what chaos. BUT much fun.

I headed back home, and started watching Rescue Me Season Two.


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