Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Oh a relaxing weekend....

Friday night we just curled up, lit a fire and watched a movie. What a nice way to end a crazy week. UGH...

Saturday was much of the same. Relaxing, rainy, we read, we talked, we laughed..."V" had to go to work....but at least we had some time together.

He got home sooo late...but I made him breakfast when he got home. Sunday, much of the same, relaxing, he worked in the afternoon...I headed to the "rents" for dinner.

On the way up to the "rents" I had to make 3 stops. I needed to stop and see my crazy customers...which is always fun. I had their last order with me...and of course, they ordered more stuff. We had a great chat it's always fun to see them. We made another date to get together when the new catalog arrives.

Then off to Paper Zone. I needed to get some easel backs for the project that I've been working on forever..ugh....they only had 6 packs...and I need 14....ugh...so I grabbed those, and headed up to the Everett. Stopped at that PZ and got 5 more packs. I have 4 in the drawer at work...so I was good to go.

Finally...I make it to the "rents" we have a good chat, a great dinner...and then off home I went.

Monday Monday Monday....did a few things around the apartment....and wowza....time to get ready for work .... ugh.

the weekend went by so quickly!!!

more later

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pinknest said...

argh! i want a fire. :(