Friday, May 05, 2006

A little bit about dflygirl

I got this email from a good friend that I was required to fill out...and post on my here it goes...

10 years ago I was:
* 27 years old
* Living with Fisherman Don
* Going thru a divorce
* Working as a Personnell Manager
* Traveling to Alaska

5 years ago I was:
* Working in Radio
* Dating Jim
* Adjusting to a new company/station
* Sleeping on average 4 hours/night
* Learning how to be a mom

1 year ago I was:
* Not an apartment manager
* Dating Mad Scientist
*Struggling with my future
* Hating my new boss
* Helping Cynthia plan her wedding

Yesterday I:
* Woke up late – sketchy getting ready for work
* Stopped at Starbucks
* Had a busy recap filled day at work and Hating my boss
* Had to deal with apartment manager tasks
* Had dinner with “V” at Best Wok

5 snacks I enjoy:
* Popcorn
* chips and salsa
* Ice Cream - ugh
* Fresh fruit
* All the stuff I’m not supposed to eat

5 songs I know all the words to:
* “My Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades”
* "1999"
* "Crush"
* “Love Shack”
* "Jungle Love"

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:
* Buy a new car (make TAR jealous)
* Travel (Germany, Belguim, Paris, and wherever else I wanted to)
* Open my own stamp/scrap store
* Buy a house
* Get a kitty and a crinkle doggie

5 places I would run away to:
* I think I would pass out and fall over before getting too far…lol
* Ocean Shores
* Germany
* Belguim
* “V”’s

5 Things I will NEVER wear:
* Leg Warmers
* hummm….I’ll leave that thought alone
* nipple ring…maybe I should have left that one alone too…lol
*Half shirt
* neon spandex

5 favorite TV shows:
* 24
* Grey's Anatomy
* Survivor
* Rescue Me

5 bad habits:
* TV watching - I’m a DVR Whore
* Interupting people
* Purchasing things with Dragonflys
* SNOOZE Button on cell phone eeks
* Being committed to RB faithfully

5 biggest joys:
* Being in Love and being Loved
* Being highly thought of by other people
* Friendship
* My nephews
* crafting



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