Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Recap of Season Finale's

MY heart is still beating from watching 24 on Monday. The first 21 minutes without commercial were amazing. AND WOWZA....what a great ending to the season. I was very disappointed when Jack went without question to take a call from KIM. HELLO....she told you she never wanted to see you again. AND what 10 hours later, you think she'd call. UGH. BUT I was even surprised. I originally thought it was Logan's goons who kept calling Logan...but NO...the Chinese...I guess revenge is best when served cold. January 07 is bound to be awesome!!!

And let's not forget CSI Miami. Good episode. Glad the MOLE was revealed. And I always love "H's" last words.....Eric we're going to Brazil.

Hope I didn't give too much away...and hope you watched it MeMe!


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