Thursday, May 25, 2006

Reasons my BF RAWKS yes RAWKS

The last two weeks at work have been rough...brutal...ugh!!! AND my wonderful boyfriend knew that yesterday I had almost reached my breaking point. SO when I got home from work what did I find....

can you guess what the boy did???

can you??

He went to Smokin' Pete's BBQ and got me dinner and lunch. He was so cute...he put the two lunch bags in the fridge. One marked Dinner, one lunch.

He made me a fresh new pitcher of Crystal light - Rasberry lemonade

He turned on the fan in the window to cool the living room down

and the best of them all....

he wrote me a note. And included in the note was a reminder to tell Tony to change 2 lightbulbs in the garage when he came by to clean the building today.

What a guy....

*still swooning* and very very happy after eating my Smokin' Pete's BBQ Sandwich!!


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