Saturday, May 27, 2006

A comedy of errors

Friday. My day off. My vacation day. My day to sleep in. YEAH.

I woke up to "V" coming home and crawling into bed. Was that a nice way to wake up. We drifted off to sleep.....only to wake up within an hour to the very loud construction noise. UGH.

So after much debate we got up. Went to watch a little tv and then....I got a call.

CE called from work. His client had the display ready and they would be sending it within the hour. "V" and I talked. He decided to go home and get at least a nap. I got ready and headed to the office. "V" and I decided to meet after I was done with work and go see The Da Vinci Code. SO the plan would be meet in Issaquah for either the 3, 3:30 or 4pm showing. Possible. YES.

I got to work, and everything that could go wrong with the project did. Logos were fuzzy (ours) and the sent it in a pdf version which I could not alter. I started to recreate it. The client said they would send the original file over. We waited no file. Finally we asked for Siggy's help. She started to recreate it. All said and done...I left the office at 3:15. And headed to Kinkos. It had started to rain.

I get to Kinko's drop off the project and head to the theatre. It was really raining. "V" called, he had just got to Issaqauh. We both head to the theatre. WE both get there at 4pm. We look for parking....NONE....I call him...hey let's go get dinner then go to the 6:45 showing. Agreed. Round table here we come. We get to Round Table....

AND A BIG BOLT of Lighting Crashed down....too close for comfort. It was Pouring....Noah's Ark We parked and ran into Round Table...both soaked from the rain. We ordered, were sitting down eating our pizza....and the lights went out. UGH....finally they came back on.

We headed over to Kinko's - project proof was ready. There was a problem with the etw tear cards....the black version of the logos were bust. AND Cin needed to approve the sign. Well at least we are to the proof part. Finally. it was still raining and "V" looked at me and said 'Babe, let's go home.' So home we went.


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pinknest said...

argggghh!! i was frustrated just reading that.