Thursday, May 25, 2006


I've been working on this HUGE project at work. Yesterday was the deadline to get it to the printers so that a color proof could be returned and if there were additional color changes they could be made today. of the clients has been slow to say the least on getting back with approval. TODAY at the last deadline to get a proof today I went into my boss and said hey we need to do this. SO he told me to go I did. I got all my documents printed on my printer, my notes, the files on cd and had called the printer to pick up the job.

I was so happy...I knew that I was gonna have Friday work....totally relaxing...I went to heat up my Smokin' Pete's BBQ Sandwich and got a dt dr pepper as a treat and headed back to my desk....


they called and now have changes.....this puts us back 3 full business days from our original deadline.

I just want to cry....I am actually pretty calm about it. And just want to make sure it's done, and done correctly....cuz bottom line...its my responsibility.

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