Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mum's Day

OH Sunday....what a lazy day. "V" and I hung out and just relaxed. I headed to Costco and picked up a few things for work. While I was there I picked up a fun pasta salad and headed to the "rents".

I had a pink flamingo wind sock for Mum...I think she liked it. It didn't seem as she was having a very good day. She was very distracted but seemed happy.

Dad bbq'd salmon and we had a really nice dinner and strawberry blackberry was really tasty.

I headed home...oh my watch to watch....Survivor of course...and then Grey's. I thought I was gonna loose it....Survivor was still going when Grey's started...Thank goodness for the DVR. I watched Aras win Survivor...then flipped to Grey's - started watching from the beginning, fast forwarding thru the commercials then created the dvr...thank you!!!!

UGH...the weekend flew by so quickly....ttfn...


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