Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's Wednesday and the piss off factor is 8.3's only Wednesday and I've had a week.



Deep breath. Breathe in hold it....breathe out.

Things are crazy at work. The festival is sold out for both days. YEAH. AND. NOW. THE. WORK. FOR. ME. BEGINS.

(ducks and runs...far far the villa in the woods aka Diva #1's place. ) tee hee.

UGH. SO. I have tons of recaps...recrap. And P.O.P.'s to do. Deadlines. Things to send to the printer. Things that need approval before sending to the printer. People taking vacation...then a 3 day weekend coming up, me trying to take an extra day off. This is causing pure havoc.


And then...Sugarmomma throws me a project at 5pm. Due at 11:00 in the am. Normally not a big deal. But Alan is on vacation and I am having to pull all the reports before entering them into the spreadsheet. that takes til about 10am each morning to do. SO I was a little ticked to say the least. I think I yelled "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" I ended staying late to get it done. Took about an hour. It's done. I haven't printed it yet. Just saved saved and saved. I'll put it into her box to review in the AM before final printing...but knowing "M" I'll need to final print it as she will get into work just before her appointment and won't have time to look at it. Drat. Piss off factor in effect. Ha ha ha.

I guess I should explain the piss off factor. At work we have access to a program called They show how bad the traffic is. They rate it on a jam factor. SO good ole "B" always throws me stuff at the last second too...but at least he realizes it...and so he teases me and says hey now...what's the piss off's usually no higher than a 6.5...eeks...but today...8.3. I got over it as soon as I said "Are You Kidding Me???" That usually works.

But the best news is......

Can you guess???

Come's easy...really....

My boss is gonna be gone for a day and a half.


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