Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Season Finales


Grey's Anatomy. I am still in shock of the season finale. So heart wrenching. So tender. So shocking. So Amazing. I can't believe it's over. I didn't start watching the show til Feb, and I still haven't seen Season 1, I do have it on dvd. But I haven't watched it yet and am looking forward to watching it this summer. I will be getting Season 2 on dvd as soon as it is available. This is such a great show.

CSI Miami - I can't wait to see what happens next. I am sad that H's wife/Delco's sis died but it gives "H" the edge for revenge.

And heart is still racing. Kieffer never disappoints. I am sad that next week will be the end and it will take forever til the next season starts. OH well, summer time is here.

AND with Summer's time for RESCUE ME....I caught the last few episodes of Season 2 last summer.....and got hooked. I watched all of Season 1 on dvd...and Season 2 just came out..I've watched the first 4 episodes...12 more to go before the 30th....eeeeks! LOL....oh well, I've got a long weekend coming up and a few days off!


Momma said...

Ok, as per your suggestion, I Netflixed Grey's!!! So, it will be sent when I send these three DVD's back.

Momma said...

Oh and we are hooked on CSI Miami, too!!!!

Now I might just have to catch up with talk about it so much!!!