Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baaaadddd Kitty aka Dottie

So I get an email from DIVA #1 about Dottie her cat...and we trade emails back and forth here's the conversation...

DIVA #1 - So, looking for my cat to say goodbye this morning - no where to be found. Did the "rattle the food dish" trick. You will NEVER guess where she came from... go ahead guess...

DFLY - behind/underneath the couch

DIVA #1 - nope - any other ideas????? One that is BRAND NEW!

DFLY - She was visiting Reobie (Monkey) in the tree?

DIVA #1 - good guess - think higher...

DFLY - On top of the your desk????? the very very top????

DIVA #1 - On top of the kitchen cabinets, She came down from top, onto the fridge, onto the counter and down... baaaaaaaaaaaaad kitty.

DFLY - baddd kitty. SO I guess that means more tin foil (Kitty hates tin foil). Hummm now on second thought tin foil could be a new hot trend in kitchen decor. ha ha ha

I had too chuckle, because when I took care of Dottie, when I came back to the villa on Saturday afternoon...I had to search for Dottie. I kept calling her name, or kitty, and I finally found her sound asleep on the chair. IT was only after I poked her that she woke up....gezz I thought as I poked her...omg...what if she'd's not like a goldfish....I just can't go to the store and get another one. AND then of course...Dottie woke up streching...

Gosh I just love that kitty!!! DIVA #1 is soooo lucky!!! AND Dottie is a good mouser too!


Diva #1 said...

She was rather "sheepish" yesterday when I got home from work. I asked her what she had been
UP to - and then I laughed hysterically. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny sometimes. She flipped her tail at me and stalked off. Oh well.


MOMMA said...

So, Diva #1, you also talk to your kitties?? Hey, I have a running conversation with my dog, Annie. could have your pick of 5 of my cats!!!! LOLOL

Had to laugh at the goldfish remark!!!!