Thursday, May 18, 2006

So Happy It's Thursday!!!


Okay today started off much better. I got to work knowing my boss was leaving at 12Noon and would be gone all day on Friday too!!!


I did a few changes on Sugarmommas project. Printed it. Printed "D"'s project to and then tried to pull the inventory reports...ugh...what drama. lol. Got an email from DIVA #1...and that deserves it owns post... Forgot to save my spreadsheet when I got an email from DIVA #2 about a utilities fee on a renter...ugh I had to open up the rent report...and when I closed closed my avails spreadsheet. drat. drat. drat. Oh well. My boss was leaving at noon. WHO CARES how long it takes to pull those darn reports...and re-fill in the spreadsheet!

NOON arrived and bye bye boss see ya Monday!!!


Worked on a couple more projects and then I called that conversation deserves a post all it's own tooo, BUT to protect Momma...I'll just say this. From now on whenever I refer to my parents as the "Rents" I will get a BIG SMILE and a LITTLE CHUCKLE..tee hee.

I decided to head out for lunch....yes it was 1:30 and I was craving a granita. Yes a grown up coffee slurpee. BUT only one place makes them sugar-free so I headed over to Crossroads to Jitters...YES I AM CHEATING ON MY BARISTA!!!! I get a Sugar-Free Granita with Sugar-Free Almond....Mondo....I am in heaven. Then the really cute barista boy called me "MISS" so he got a $3.00 tip. I got a huge smile on my face. I HATE being called Ma'am. The only time I like it is if it is a military dude and he's in uniform....there is something sorta dreamy about that...BUT that is the only time I like being called Ma'am. USUALLY, I correct whomever says it...BUT LET ME TELL YOU...being called "MISS" just made my day!!!



Momma said...

Now, referring to 'rent report' is that THE in Parents....or just rent.....???? LOLOL

MOM said...

Oh....and Ma' bad....but being called "sweetie" when you are twice the age of the person calling you that.....THAT is a 8.0 piss off factor!!! ROTFL

I may be old....but I am not a 'sweetie'!!!!

I'll have to take you to the Mexican place in Bend...called El Rodeo...where they call you Senorita! Altho, they do not get a $3.00 tip.