Monday, May 22, 2006

Alittle Mexican food...a drive thru the vineyards and a beer???

So Friday came and went. IT was pretty much uneventful. JUST the same ole stuff and lots of it. IT was GREAT that my boss was nowhere to be found. I got home and "V" just wanted us to chill. HE knew I was beat and would need every bit to function on Saturday.

Oh Saturday. WE got up....headed for breakfast and then back home to get ready for a day of festivities while "V" was at work. I got ready to head to Heather's bridal shower. I was running a few minutes late...but none the less I did get there a few minutes after 1pm. I was not the last one to arrive....whew....there were some people that I knew from work...and then the rest were either friends of Heathers or family.

We played a few games...I won one of the games...yeah!!! There were appetizers and lots of presents. IT was a good time...but unfortunately....I was sorta by myself. I thought for sure Cyn and I would hang out...but she was catching up with Michelle who drove up for the shower. SO there I sat....with no one to talk to....Chris was talking to Michelle and Cyn...and Susan was talking to her I felt like a big dork...sitting by myself....just stirring my ice tea as the others were deep in conversation..UGH...oh well. I'm glad I went.

THEN off to wine country. I was meeting the fellowship group at the Redhook brewery. Why we were going there...not really sure...but oh well. I had a little over an hour before I was to meet I headed up...drove around and just had a relaxing drive around the vineyards...I got to the brewery and was soooo lucky...I found a parking spot right in front. I got out of the car and was sitting on a bench waiting to everyone. Detroit Joe and his family showed up from work...shock....they had just been out on a walk and decided to stop for bite to eat. SO a little hello and chit chat and they were off to the restaurant. Finally the others showed up. We had 9 adults and two little tots and they wouldn't hold a table for us after the tour....SO I stayed behind as the wait was like 30 minutes or more.

Everyone went on the tour and I just waited and relaxed, which was nice. The tour was over and we all got together and had a nice dinner. IT was a lot of was good to catch up with everyone and the food was fairly good, a bit pricey but good. We said goodbye and headed home. I got home just as "V" was parking...yeah!!! We headed upstairs and just relaxed and talked "V" was was just crazy. And he was just so sooore. SO I drew him a bath added some nice him a beer and told him to relax....I gave him a nice rub down...and I made him a late dinner....and we curled up on the couch and watch a couple of episodes of Rescue Me and off to sleep we went.

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