Monday, April 17, 2006

To finish off the week

Okay Thursday came and went. Nothing to exciting. Busy at work as usual. "B" and I pooled as he had be in training all week. IT was nice. We hit up the good ole starbucks...yummy! Then off to work.

After work, "V" came over so we could watch Survivor before he headed to work. He brought oh no he didn' Pete's BBQ. Watch link! Dinner was great and we had fun watching Survivor. The off to work he went.

I watched CSI and Without a Trace and went to sleep....oooh my.

Friday...YEAH! I get to head to the retreat. Yippee!!! SO I got everything ready and "B" picked me up for work. We got some joe at Starbucks...and off to the office we went. Had a good day...nothing to out of the ordinary. "D" bought Kung Hu for lunch...yummy!!! And I got a new scanner ..... YEAH!!!

We headed home....and I met the new tenant to fill out his paperwork. He was out the door with his key...and I ran upstairs grabbed my stuff and off I was too see Dottie!!! Oh it was sooo nice heading out of soon as I hit 1-90 I felt this big relief.

I got to the little retreat in the woods (aka Diva #1's place) and settled in. I took a picture of Reobie...and he has a little buddy in the tree too. The picture of Reobie isn't the greatest because as soon as I turned on the light under the tree, it went out. UGH! Oh will get the point.

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