Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shopping for baby

Tuesday left me in a very puzzled state of mind. A person at work who recently had a baby, was having a baby shower on Wednesday. NOW mind you, I really like 97% of the people I work with...there are about a total of 3 that I can't stand. Okay maybe only 2 no it's 3. AND it takes a LOT to make me not like you. Let me tell you...A LOT. SO this person who there was going to be a shower for is the 1st one of these people. BUT I love babies....and so I struggled with going to the party, making a hand made book (like I normally do) and even buying a present for the baby. WHO by default I love all babies. SO I decided to head to Fred Meyer after work to see if anything could get me in the mood to embrace the party on Wednesday.

SO I head into Fred Meyer...and I love our Fred Meyer...I peek around at a few things...get a few things that I need...then head to the baby section. THE very first thing I see is a football rattle. A must purchase for "B" and baby bubba. Okay I was now in the mood to buy an outfit for baby Abby. SO I got this very cute onesie that was green and pink with dfly's on it...of course!



business voodoo said...

... there's something about a baby that makes the grown-ups almost tolerable, is there ...
well, in most cases anyway!
enjoy the baby shower!!!
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

M.O.M said...

Which reminds me....I have a baby gift to buy. One of the girls I used to babysit for years ago just had her first child. Gosh that makes me feel old!!!!

ME said...

I NEVER knew you didn't like her...though I can understand. Learned something new today.