Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A little retreat in the woods....

Monday....i headed off to work...with just a few things in tow to head to Diva #1's to take care of Dottie. Work was great...busy how they fly.

Took Sugar Momma to the ZIP and Go and dropped her off. Then headed up to the retreat in the woods. I went in and took care of Dottie...and then headed to ISushi for a little dinner with Cin...and then back to the retreat. I loved spending time at the retreat...I almost had trouble sleeping (so silent ... no street noise) lol...Then off to work on Tuesday...I hated leaving but I do know I'll be back soon!

I totally suck...i forgot my picture of the monkey in the tree (reobie) and no dottie pictures....guess I'll have to go back soon with camera in tow!


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