Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fa la la fa la la la tee dah!

Let's see - it's been forever since I've blogged. UGH...i suck...bad blogger bad blogger. Let's recap...last week...I was sick and I worked on a scrapbook for a gal at the forward to Friday night after work. "V" came over and we watched Zoolander. Finally. We laughed, it was funny, it was ridiculous and a great way to wind down after the long week.

Got up early Saturday, and had a very very very did I say very busy day. I had my two page check list on my clipboard, with address, mapquest directions and phone numbers. SO off I went. I headed to the post office...checked off the list...the Pac Supply - ugh they weren't open til 9am - have to figure that our later. Off to get coffee check. check. To see Jan the hair alter specialist. check. check. check. To Calif Closets for a drop off for work. check. check. check. To the bank for rent checks. check. check. check. Then to see Suzy Q. At the Olive Garden the gals and I met up. We had a great time. Sue loved her book. We were there for a long time...and it was a blast. Then home again. check. check. check. Then to Fred Meyer...check check.

Saturday night..."V" came over again and we watched Flight Plan and had zza for dinner...yummy! And then off to sleep my pretties.

Sunday - the day of more ingredients for life. HA! I got up, did a load of laundry...filled the car up with gas, got breakfast and headed home. Got ready and then hit the road Jack....of to "O" town for a station event. Got there at good ole safeway...found ingredients for life again...Isle 15 of then off to....Ta Da...Shipwreck beads. I only spent $16. Wowza...then off to see a few frieds before heading home. Home home home....whew...what a whirlwind weekend.

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