Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Here there everywhere

OOOh Monday. Well the day started off after leaving Diva #1's place. I headed to work. Stopped at Panera breads and got a muffin and some yummy hazelnut flavored coffee. Off to work I went.

Was a pretty busy day.....got a lot done. AND then...it was time to do all the errands. I needed to run to Pacific Supply and get lightbulbs for the apartment building. They were closed on Saturday for Easter and so I was like drat drat drat - so on Monday...I left work at 5:30 and made it there with just 5 minutes to spare before they closed. I got all the light bulbs I needed and TADA..they had graffiti cleaner..got a can of that too! Now I am totally prepared. Okay now that I have it, it will never happen again - Murphy's Law!

Up North I headed...need to drop off a few things for one of my customers.....whew....made it home...lugged everything upstairs....time to relax and take it easy for the night!


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