Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April showers....

SO the weekend. So "V" came over on Friday after his shift bringing....Smokin' Pete's BBQ. WOWZA...how freakin good was that??? He got a pulled bbq pork sandwich for us to share, a hot link...and man was it hot, some mac cheesy, a sweet pot. cornbread muffin and a slice of pie. YUMMY!

We watched a couple shows on tv and started to snooze...we slept in and it was nice. Had a few things to do...we went for a late lunch/early dinner before he went to work. I headed over to a gal's house from work to help her work on a scrapbook. Found my way to her place, which was actually pretty amazing considering I had never been there, the directions were kinda sketchy..and the complex community was wrapped up a hill...one way. Got the book done, and headed back home. It started to pour...ugh. More rain!!! Watched Top Gun...had to...and went to sleep early.

Sunday...ugh...Mom's sick so there would be no visit to the rents. Oh well. Turkey dinner next week. We post-poned my birthday dinner....til Easter. Oh well. Did a few things around the building and took it easy for the rest of the evening. Got ready for Monday...ugh the weekends always go so fast.


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