Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Frick Frack Don't Talk Back

Tuesday....lovely tuesday.

I should update you all about something I haven't blogged about lately. My car. On Monday I called my insurance company as I hadn't heard anything from TAR. Yes I called my insurance company. They assigned me a claims adjuster. On Tuesday I spoke with the adjuster and filled him in. He seems really nice and understands the situation with TAR. He's gonna handle everything. Oh thank you!!!!

SO I got an email from TAR...which was just ridiculous....So...I didn't respond to it. I gave the adjuster all of the correspondence that I had from and to TAR. AND. I'm. NOT. going. to. respond. to. TAR. Just let the adjuster do his job. SO I'm not gonna blog about it...til it is it's out of my hands now. IF TAR wants to talk about it. He must talk to the adjuster. Final answer.

The remainder of the day was wonderful...a small weight had been lifted off my shoulder. YEAH!

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