Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The day after...

SO my birthday continues.

Cyn took me to lunch...back to Tokyo's we went. Had a Mt Rainier and an order of sake w/ponzu sauce. YUMMY.

After work headed to M&L's for fellowship. We were reading a chapter on Divorce. Was very interesting. I will post more later.

BUT it was my turn for treats...I bought a purple bunny cake and yummy ice cream.




Humpfree said...

All this sea-food you sure you are not a mermaid LOL
BEST WISHES ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, glad it went well for you
Catch up with you soon
BIG HUG Humpfree

dflygirl said...

Awe humpfree....

Thanks for the day was wonderfully special.

hugs and kisses