Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My birthday update

My birthday was on Tuesday, April 11. Yeah me. My birthday...yeah it was my birthday!

The day started out with phone calls and messages left on voicemail...singing Happy Birthday in a number of renditions. It was too much fun!

I headed to work as "B" has been in training all week, so I've been driving solo. I stopped and got a special latte...a chocolate almond moo.....sugarfree....yummy! Off to work I headed.

When I got there presents were on my desk!!! YEAH!!! I got some kewl stuff. AND cards galore. Then off to Tokyo for sushi lunch.

The whole sales staff was there.....we ordered a bunch of many good things. YUMMMM. Back to the office.

"V" and I were gonna go to Chinooks for dinner but it was packed. We went to Medin's on leary. It's a Ravioli Station dine in or take out. It normally is just packed. BUT for some unknown reason...there was only one other couple there.

WE had the most amazing dinner ever. I had the special seafood ravioli. It had prawns, scallops, crab and lobster with a saffron sauce. OMG. It was served with flat bread and dipping sauce and I had a side salad with yummy dressing. I can't wait to go back.....We then headed home and relaxed watching a couple of shows.

OH "V" got me a weekend getaway to Ocean Shores for the two of us....we'll go later this year...and I can't wait!!!

What an amazing day!!!

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pinknest said...

happy birthday!