Sunday, April 09, 2006


On Friday I took on the enourmous task of cleaning the pit of the office. UGH....knowing that the step stool at work sucks, I brought in my own from home. I also went and bought 4 18gallon plastic tubs to store the left over stuff from Jazz Fest 2005 that we can use for Jazz Fest paper plates, plastic silverware and cups.

I had a very busy day and had planned on starting the cleaning around 2pm...BUT circumstances always change and I ended up getting thrown into a last minute group proposal and managed to get that done without too much difficulty...hence I never started cleaning til 4pm.

I started with the bins....took inventory and closed those bad boys up, stacked them against the wall two high...and disposed of the empty boxes. Next was the supplies on the counter....unpacked those boxes and put the goodies in two drawers. Next...ugh all this old letterhead taking up room. So I got the two funnies to dispose of most of it. Out with the rest....lots more room. I took all the boxes of envies and put an envy on the outside and numbered them....then onto the shelves they went.

I got rid of the boxes and a few other things off the counter....and threw some more stuff away...and tada! Clean. The only thing I didn't get to do was gut one of the cabinets and label label label. SO I'll at least label on Monday....and perhaps throw stuff out of the one cabinet. OH and put away the christmas stockings...was just too tired to do anything more...I'll do those Monday.

UGH...I was sooo tired.....BUT I remembered to mark everything "trash" and "Basura" and so so very glad it's done.


ps...I forgot to mention, while I was target, I bought Diva #1 a little surprise for the next time I stay and take care of Dottie. tee hee....


Diva #1 said...

What did you get me? I'm supposed to buy YOU presents (which I did, btw)

Do you want to stay with her this weeekend as well? I have to go to Detroit on Friday - back on Monday. Call me and let's chat!

What are you doing for your b-day?

Mom/aka Char said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANNIE!!!!! Your gift is still sitting on my kitchen counter......what a bad Mom!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!

Love you tons,