Saturday, August 19, 2006

Where did the day go???'s already 7pm...exactly 12 hours from when I woke up. I slept really good on Friday night, woke up...and had a relaxing morning. I got ready and headed to Chinook's to meet DIVA #1 for breakfast.

How is it, that when you haven't been to a particular restaurant for a wonder why? I love Chinooks, and it is so close and so wonderful...not too pricey...and I haven't been there for live Everh....ugh!! We got a table by the window and enjoyed the docks, boats and blue water.

We had a great breakfast, laughing and talking...and our waitress...Reba...was awesome!!! Oh so was Mike with the! While I was talking with DIVA #1, totally realized that I had made the right decision for my upcoming sessions. We said our goodbyes and headed our seperate ways.....

I headed to New Castle/Renton and meet up with Becky. Had a great session...not too hard - not too easy. I headed back home and ran upstairs to grab a customer's order and headed towards the scrapbook store. She didn't show, but I talked to the gals at the store and then headed to see good ole' pops. I hung out for a bit...and read a magazine while he was busy. Then off to Staples to return a few items....then I decided to go Grocery Shopping. UGH I realized I haven't gone "real" grocery shopping for a 4 bags later...I headed towards the Post Office to see if anymore shoebox project samples showed up...yep 1 only 22 more to home I went.

I realized as I was lugging my purse, my dmb bag, my customers order and 4 bags of groceries...that I was beat. Whew...I made it upstairs...put away the groceries and decided to take a break and blog....

Now off to go make dinner...."V's" coming over....yipppeeee!!!


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