Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stickers??? What Stickers???

In answer to Pinknest post about the stickers. At each session Becky reviews my accountability journal. I am to record what I eat, with calories and carbs. I am going by what my nutrienist had set for me when back when I had gotten out of the hospital. No more than 1,800 calories a day...and NO more than 180 carbs a day. Being diabetic...that should be my guideline. Well. I have been good. If you look at my log for will see the stickers. WOW for actually filling out my journal with execellent detail for 2 weeks....and AWESOME - for doing just that during my awesome job! If you are wondering some of the notes....BS stands for bloodsugar. Meds stands for medicine (making sure that I take it) and VIT for my vitamin pack. At the bottom is two numbers usually circled with a high-lighter...that is calories/carbs for the day.

I made a promise to them that I would walk up my four flights of stairs without matter what I was carrying (how much) or how tired I was...and that is also noted at the bottom with whatever else I feel like mentioning.

SO here it is..I am sharing with you all my journal page for Monday - August 28th.

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pinknest said...

lol! the stickers!! love it. good for you for being so thorough and keeping track. that's great!