Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Its only've got to be kidding

SO what a day I have had so started out getting up a bit get ready for work, make sure to leave a note for Tony the cleaning no show lately and actually get ready for work, with a few minutes to spare to check the downstairs apartment.

OMG...words can't describe what I felt this morning....deep breath...okay downstairs with my list and I waited for "B" to show up and take me to work....yeah carpooling....

Got to work...and had a huge busy crazy day. It is only 3 days left to jazz fest...eeeks...
and everything that could be going wrong was and then the apartment stuff on top of it all...

BUT I managed to do all this...
call tenant to get remaining "crap" out of the apartment
sweet talk the C.C. into moving in on Tuesday instead of Friday (Must buy molson as thank you)
double check the paint schedule
have DIVA #2 stop by the building to check the carpet
arrange to have new carpet put in
cancel the carpet cleaning
arrange to have a cleaning lady come in
make the rent deposit (thank you "B")

At work - yes I did work today
recap - last minute for Smooth
order water for jazz fest
call about the screwed up gift bags
call the printer
copy invoices
do notarized script
oh yeah eat lunch
and a few other things...I can't

FINALLY home to relax and just vegg out.

AH....finally now just to make it til Friday


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pinknest said...

friday!! so many days's actually my sunday night. :)