Thursday, March 30, 2006

There's a monkey in that tree...

tee hee.

I went to Diva #1's place on Tuesday. I needed to be introduced to Ms. Dottie. The most beautifulest cat in the world. I'm just saying. She. is. BEAUTIFUL.

Diva #1 gave me the whole run down on the Dottie schedule. And then we ate dinner. Flying Pizza - YUMMY! They have the best garlic ranch dressing ever. I must admit tho, I'm a bad bad bad friend. I don't like olives. Sorry! I sucx! Anyways, back the the title of this post. I've know Diva #1 for over 13 years now. When she was the res. mgr. she had this very nice artificial tree in her apt. Next to it was a hopeless chest with tons and tons of really cute monkeys on it. (Diva #1 collects - monkeys!) I never noticed anything unusual with the tree. Until. Tuesday. Night. (Dramatic pauses).

I was eating my pizza and I turned to look at the new diva kitty who was sleeping on her pillows...and notice a monkey in the tree. I asked Diva #1 about the monkey in the tree. She's like duh. it's been there forever. Have you not seen it?? OKAY...never say the monkey in the tree. Never figured Diva #1 would do something like that. Well let me take that back. YES I think she would do it, and it just makes me want to be just like her when I grow up. SO I just thought that that was too kewl.

So I headed home....and the story continues....

On the way home on Wednesday...I asked "B" about the monkey in the tree. And he replied, of course there would have to be a monkey in the tree. Then he started making noises like a monkey...and the conversation went from there...straight to the apes. LOL. SO to prove there is a monkey in the tree, next time I am at Diva #1's there will be a photo shoot.



Diva#1 said...

I think that we should have a name for the monkey - even though it's been in the tree doesn't have a name. I think that it's a boy monkey - either that or he's a transgendered female... so, let's think up some names.

dflygirl said...


What a great fantastic idea! I'll chat with "B" on the ride home and we will definately come up with some names.

tee hee

Diva #1 said...

Spank (ok, now I'm really sick)