Tuesday, March 07, 2006

a little bit of this...a little bit of that


Time for ketchup..tee hee. Let's see, the rest of Monday. The basic happenings of the day occured.

I spoke with Cyn and Deb at work about TAR, the car and his laugh at the end of the phone conversation. They both agreed that (1) TAR didn't expect me to answer the phone (2) TAR knew he was in the wrong and (3) TAR was nervous. So I have given TAR the benefit of the doubt. After much thought about the situation and with a little advice from DIVA #1, I have decided to get a quote.

I needed to re-read and make a few notes on my homework assignment for fellowship tonight. It is the chapter on Doubt from Charles Swindell's book "Getting through the tough stuff" I was covering the front desk phones during lunch and the phones were just dead dead dead. I was totally able to read my chapter, highlight, take notes and then write a few things down.

"B" and I headed home, he dropped me off, and I headed upstairs but before heading up, I did what I had been dreading all day...and looked at my car. It's worse than I thought. SO that was when I came to the conclusion of getting a quote.

I had gone upstairs, grabbed a bite to eat and then headed up North to my fellowship meeting. I think that it deserves it's own post. I need to sort out everything that happened and reflect upon it before blogging about it.


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