Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The saga continues...

Okay so I haven't really blogged lately. Been too upset about the car and TAR...so let me catch you all up.

The week had been very busy with fellowship on Monday, D's bday on Tuesday, Wednesday was the big wind storm and horrible traffic and on Thursday I drove to work so I could get a quote on my car. TAR hadn't called me since Monday morning and I decided to take action. I. got. the. quote. $506.38 for the bumper. UGH.

I left TAR a note with the quote on his door. He called me, and wasn't too happy about it...said he would discuss it with me over the weekend.

I had a pretty good weekend, other than the fact that I totally stressed out about what TAR was gonna do. I showed the apts a couple of times. Did a few things that neeed to be done and I made my "Spring is in the air" cards...it was nice. THEN...I started to think too much. I was stressing so much that I was thinking of cancelling my trip. What the??? I tried to collect myself and started to head to the "rents' for dinner.

Dinner was great at the "rents" it's always good seeing them. I got my car parts to take to the shop for my mechanic to work on my car. Just so everyone doesn't think something is wrong mechanically with my car...I'm just getting my 90k tune-up. GOD love the KIA!!! Talked with the "rents" about TAR and what to do...ugh...everyone had an opinion.

Monday came and went....NO call from TAR. But the good news is one of the tenants saw TAR hit my car...YEAH!!! TAR had gotten his car wash, waxed, buffed so there is NO evidence of the incident on his car...I might have to change TAR to TARD...lol!

Now back to Monday. Monday was "B"s birthday. I started off his day with a 6pack of bullets (heineken mini keg cans) and of course a trip to Starbucks! Birthday treats all around. When we got to the office....fresh fruit and mini muffins!!! Then the ultimate surprise. We all headed to HOOTERS for lunch with "B". Pics to come later....We had a blast. IT was tons of fun...and well I have to admit the food was good!

So at home I watched...24 YEAH!!!!! Love that show...I am sooo addicted to it. Finally went to sleep and got up this morning and got ready for work. No call, no note from TAR. I got in the KIA and headed towards work. I called Diva #1 and asked her advice about TAR. I called TAR and asked what he had planned on doing as I wanted to resolve this matter. He actually was civil and not a jerk about it. Said he had been busy and hadn't had a chance to get another quote. Said he would take care of it right away and get back to me by the end of the day.

I had a crazy day...of course...and took my car to be worked on. Smooth picked me up and brought me back to the office. Finished another project. And. then. the. phone. rang. It. was. TAR. He said he had been swamped and hadn't had a chance to go to the repair place. Siad he would do it first thing in the morning. Let him know I wasn't too happy about it. I think I said I guess it will have to be. I think he said is that okay?? SO my new deadline is 12noon. IF he doesn't call. I am calling my insurance. NO more calls to him....AND if he calls after I've called the insurance company, my reply will be to him. Please contact my insurance company. If he gives me trouble. Email to Diva #2...and he won't like that outcome.

Whew...okay I feel better. It's out into the cyberworld and off my chest. NOW to make dinner, get my card stuff ready for stamping after work and to watch NCIS and The Unit.

OH - note to all...I got a card for my bday (very early) but he's headed out to the field and won't be back in time. It brought a tear to my eye. And inside he said 35 to be that young again....HA..love it as I'm gonna be 37...a big brother really knows how to make his little sis feel good! LOVE YOU Brother B - be safe on this trip!!!

ttfn xoxo

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