Thursday, March 23, 2006

Since it's been a week.....

Here's a little ketchup (okay what movie is that jokes punch line from???) Okay...Wednesday night of last week, I finally got home around 11ish...and was so tired...I totally crashed. I don't know if I mentioned that I took my car to get it's 90k tune-up and to get the brakes checked, with the family discount and some pre-purchased parts, I walked out of there for $378 and some change. UGH. Not. what. I. wanted. before. vacation. *sigh*

Okay, Thursday, slept in, and "V" called. He had to work and wouldn't be able to go with me. Now I was a bit disappointed, but he was devastated. Which made me feel good, that he really wanted to go. We met for a yummy breakfast and he headed to work, and I headed to do a few things that I needed to get done, including another quote from this place that TAR had wanted me to go. *sigh* SO after waiting for an hour, I finally got the quote...and surprise was actually $50 more than the one I had originally got (I tried so hard to laugh as I left the shop). I finally got out of town around 5pm...and off to PDX I headed. FINALLY.

The trip down was not too bad, the traffic til Tacoma sucked, but after was a pretty quick trip, and I didn't even stop once. I got down to the hotel, and checked in. Finally, a break from work, from the apartment, from TAR, from Seattle. YES!!!!

Friday, I got up, was rested and ready for my classes...YIPPPEEEE!!!! My classes were fun, I really enjoyed them. When I have gone in the past, I usually go with a pal of mine Sue, and unfortunately during classes, she never wanted to do the project and would just talk, making it impossible to do the projects. This time NO Sue...and I got sooo much out of each class. I did run into Sue and told a big fat lie. I told her I was heading home Friday, as I really need alone time and she wouldn't really get it. After classes, I headed back to the hotel room and just relaxed...and relaxed and watched TV and relaxed.

Saturday, I slept in. No. construction. workers. yeah. I called a few friends of mine and meet the girls for coffee. I hate to say it, but even though it's been a while since i've seen these gals, they are not nearly as fun as Diva #1 or Diva #2 or even "MeMe" ugh I how I miss MeMe. MeMe if you are reading this...I miss you this much (arms outstretched) and back again. After coffee and a light bite to eat. I returned a bunch of calls about the apartment and set up 7 viewings on Sunday...I was bound a determined to get those two apts rented. Then, one of the guys I showed it to before I left called, and he wanted the "left" One down one to go! I then headed over to Shari's to meet Momma before all the other TAC gals got there. What a great time, our meeting was great, everyone was so much fun, I can't wait til our big get together in September. After the meeting, I headed home. No stopping. Made it home in a little over 2.5 hours. Whew...quick return trip.

Sunday, I got ready to start showing the apartments, one the third showing, I had another deposit YEAH!!!! I called and cancelled the other viewings and went and relaxed.

Back at work....ugh, I should have taken more time off. Oh well. I got a bunch of stuff done...and well off to Tuesday.

Update on TAR...he emailed me and said he wanted my insurance info as he was gonna turn it in. I called my insurance co and they told me to go ahead and give him my info...and ask for's Thursday and no call from his insurance co or his insurance info. *tisk* I called my insurance co and they said to get his lic. plate number and they deal with him...YIPPEEE...but ugh he wasn't home tonight when I got home. OH I'll get it. Don't worry. I had to laugh at Diva #1 she sent me a funny title for TAR and it was P.R.I.C.K. (People. Really. Irritating. Chan. Kreep. Okay that's spelled wrong but its funny) I almost had water all over the computer screen when I read that. Go Diva Go!!!

I've been feeling a little punky lately, got a sinus thing going NOT so! I even had to pull out my inhalers...icky! Oh well, hopefully it will go far far away quickly.

On Wednesday the sales gang and I went to a Sushi place by Diva #1's was a conveyor belt place..and it was good and very very reasonably priced. Maybe Diva #1 will want to go there.

OH OH OH...I almost forgot...I get to kitty sit for Diva #1. Her beautiful cat Dottie...I can't wait. And yes, there will be pictures!

Okay everyone, I've got to go get some rest so I can get over this crude...and YES I must go watch my team....GO ZAGS GO!!!!


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Another comment - what's up with the B.I.G. (see below)PRICK? Any news on the insurance issue?