Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's here, it's here

OMG...they got here early. They ran upstairs checked out the space. And off they were...back to the truck.

About 10 minutes later...they were "herc"ing it up the 4 flights of stairs. Thru the door, on the mat. With power and the magic red key....they were testing it...and off they went...leaving me with RB.

Yes, I got on RB. Tested it out. I can see the tv perfectly, and out to the water. And i love it.

Now to just finish re-organizing the apartment. I am happy. I love RB.

I called "V", I was so giddy. He laughed and said I'm glad you did it. I'm proud of you.


Just when I thought I couldn't dig him anymore, he does that.

Off to go re-organize.

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