Friday, September 29, 2006

UGH...more Ketchup!

Okay so now that I'm ONLY 2 full weeks behind....let's do another cliff note version update.

I was lucky enough to take Mon the 18th off to spend with my honey aka "V" - we slept in, relaxed went grocery shopping all the "normal" errand stuff couples do. I made an awesome dinner and then headed to my fellowship meeting and "V" went to say goodbye to the peeps at the hospital...when we both got home, we headed to bed.

Tuesday....we got up and he got ready to leave to NO...we headed to the airport...said our goodbye's and I promised NOT to cry. Okay I did when I got back into the car. SO he is planning on coming back to visit for Turkey Day and Christmas - YEAH!

I had two awesome workout sessions with Becky on Tues and Wed. IT was good to be back at gotcha there!...and then Thursday came...

My sweet Grandma and my Aussie Uncle showed up. I was soo nervous...why not sure..but I was - I headed to work, all dressed up, new dress, heals, hair done, make up on. Check! After 12 I headed up to the "rents" to see everyone. WE had a fabulous time! IT was a perfect day, and dinner was fabu! pops bbq salmon...yummo! It was time to head out - so we took the pictures lol and I headed home.

Friday was a crazy day..."B" and I pooled...we had was great...on the way home the main street in Ballard was "CLOSED" and there were police cars, and flashing lights everywhere...eeeks....then we saw 3 different tv station helicopters hover over downtown ballard. took us forever to get like 4 blocks....but he insisted on driving me home - I got home and was gonna have a bite to eat and then head to DIVA #1's for a visit. BUT...she called and wasn't feeling too it was a very quiet nite...the first in a long time...

Saturday, I slept in, did errands and headed over to DIVA #1's to bring her a few groceries as she was feeling better. At the store I went to there was a kid with a freaky BIG ASS SNAKE...eeeks I totally froze...til he moved out of my site....what a dork....UGH HATE SNAKES! DIVA #1 and I had a great visit and it was soooo goood to see her and the princess diva kitty!

Sunday...I headed to was a great service and good to see everyone...came home and started getting ready for my classes on Sat the 30th. I headed up to the "rents" for dinner and we had a fun time.

Monday...back at was a start to the week. I had two awesome workout sessions with Becky....and basically all week, just got stuff ready for my classes on Saturday. NOW it's Friday...and I am almost ready for my class tomorrow morning! I'll fill you all in on how it Sunday will be mostly relaxing.


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