Friday, September 29, 2006


Sunday was an amazing morning. I got up, felt great, headed downstairs again to hit the RB…resisted, yet AGAIN, the “Make Your Own Waffle” station and did my work out. IT was great! WAHOO – 3 days in a row, while on vacation! YEAH ME!

I headed back upstairs, and started packing and getting ready. I headed downstairs for a cart to bring all my stuff down…no cart…so I said “screw it” and loaded myself up, and then…waited at the elevator for what seemed like 4-ever…ha….finally…it came.

I “HERC’d” everything to the car…and loaded it in….then I went to check out. Paid the bill and then we all headed over to All American….lol…okay it wasn’t called that….but something similar – I had been calling the restaurant that all weekend…and it made Momma laugh so hard….

WE okay Momma and I played the salt and pepper tip game….and everyone started to order. I was good, ordered eggs & bacon, got fruit instead of hash browns and only ate ½ of slice of toast….and lots of coffee. YEAH. I was really proud for the choice I made, as it would pay off later down the road.

After breakfast…I got in the car and headed down the road to get gas…uh hello…I forgot that in Oregon…THEY PUMP YOUR GAS….the attendant was sorta cross with me when I got out of the car and proceeded to do his job…LOL…oh well!

Then off to get “V” from J’s – it was great we chatted, he slept a bit….and on the roadtrip home – I felt great – NO sleepiness….yeah…what was funny was that Momma kept calling to talk about next years WAG…lol!
Got home safe….time to “HERC” everything upstairs…..

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