Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Things Accomplished (Or NOT) Over the Weekend


4 days off in a row....Friday - Monday - Instead of boring you with all the details...I'll just do a random list (in no particular order) of what or whatnot was accomplished over the holiday.

Things Accomplished
Ran errands (lots of them)
Had coffee at Pandera Bread - Yeah!
Got all of my prescriptions filled (all five of them)!
Got gas - ha!
Cleaned my kitchen
Helped "V" pack up his apartment
Slept in past 9am
Picked up Rent checks x 3
Went to Costco
Went to the Gorge to see Dave Matthews Band - yeah!
checked out the emptied apartment
called JJ to schedule painting
called Martin to schedule rug cleaning
called Ruth to schedule cleaning
called Rolando to mow the lawn and clean up the yard
Called new incoming tenant
called outgoing tenant
cleaned my bathroom
saw my parents
went grocery shopping
helped "V" move his stuff into a storage unit
took a nap
read a book - yes trashy novel
cleaned "V"'s apartment
made a good dinner
did 3 loads of laundry
emptied the princess diva kitty's box
cleaned my hallway
made cucumber tomato onion salad (2 batches)
stopped and saw pops at the shop
Called property manager about repairs
called laundry company about broken washer
packed my lunch again
watched season finales of The Closer and Saved
Worked out on RB per Becky's instructions
Drove to Ballard/Issaqauh 10x - eeks
Bought Mike a HOT LINK

Things NOT accomplished
Didn't go to Cyn's BBQ (didn't have time)
Didn't work on stuff for WAG (UGH)


This weekend was awesome.....I got so much done....and feel somewhat re-organzied - and that I can accomplish anything.....I've got my workout today...and am excited...I am a little tired...but feel really good!


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