Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Manic Monday


All I have to say is UGH. My day started off fantastic..."B" picked me up for work...and we headed to "Heaven" got a little iced tea (unsweeted) and then headed to work. It was great to catch up!

Things at the office were going okay...I felt pretty good, altho a bit tired from all the work over the weekend....

and then it happened.....

I was called into a meeting....about the golf tourney. I was told and promised that I wouldn't have to do a "thing" for this tourney....I should never have believed it. Now I've got stuff "dumped" on me to do...before I go on freakin' vacation. UGH! OH well, it is what it is....

Had a great ride home...and then I started getting things I would need for the weekend. Found everything I needed. I made a great dinner....and then I started preparing my shoebox project I needed to make 33 of them....31 for the attendees....one for the sample board and one for the top of the box. I got everything cut, scored, corner rounded and put into the clear envy bag. I just need to go get ribbon today and cut the ribbon and seal each bag! YEAH!!!

Its all starting to come together!

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