Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another busy weekend...

WOW. Will it ever slow down???

The weekend came and went….it was very busy, but a good busy. Got lots of “things” done that needed to be done.

Saturday I got up, took care of the lease agreement for the new tenant, met with her, signed all the papers, went to the bank, then to the supply store, then I went to start working on stuff for the upcoming Angel Gathering. Spend the rest of the day/evening on that.

Sunday, was much the same, got up, got a few things done, then out the door to continue working on stuff for WAG (Western Angel Gathering) or as “B” calls it the Angel Network…worked hard all day….til the wee hours…but got so much done! Yeah me!

Still have a lot to do…but it almost seems manageable now.

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