Monday, September 25, 2006

My weekend adventure - or as my boyfriend says..."MY cult time"

*snort* the boy is just

Friday I woke up and felt great…I got up, started to get ready…headed downstairs for a little “RB” time….and yes I did have to walk by the “Make Your Own Waffle” machine in the hotel lobby.

I did my time on RB and then grabbed a hard boiled egg, and some coffee and headed up to my room. I decided to go to Freddy’s to get some stuff for my fridge – so off I went…and came back with a pile load…then it was time to get ready for the day.

Everyone headed up to my room to help me put my display board together…thank goodness!!! AND then it began….

We headed downstairs and started setting up for our event….what fun…it came together so well….and then the doors opened…

Everyone rushed in…there were the welcomes, the Survivor game…the trades and then we started….it was time for dinner….we went to this really cute 50’s diner…and had fantastic food. I was good…and had a grilled chicken salad.

At the restaurant we had fun. Momma, Anissa and Heather ordered lots of good greasy food…and old fashioned milk shakes….ha ha ha…with whip cream on top.

I had worn my flashing billboard sign and had programmed it to say “I’m not cheap, I’m on special” and boy did I get some looks….I proceeded to go up to the counter and asked for the can of whip cream…and promptly came back and re-filled their milkshakes with whip cream. WE had a good time…lots of laughs….and then back to start the shoebox projects.

We had lots of fun…and ended up getting back to our room around 11:30ish…eeks

Off to dream land I went…

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