Monday, February 02, 2009

Just a Note....

So the weekend....

Friday was well Friday...the day couldn't have gone by any faster or last day on the phones for the week. Finally!

Saturday....was work out with RICO...we started earlier as the Cobras were training that day...had a great workout...then went to meet the DIVA for breakfast at Julia's. Was yummy! Had a great visit....headed home, Talked to MEME set a time for next Saturday to get together for bday/christmas/valentines etc, then did a few errands...then just chilled.

Sunday up with a migraine...didn't go to church...just laid low, took a couple of naps, did a few things, went grocery shopping...watched a bit of TAPS/GHI - all RICO's fault...and then went to bed.

On Sunday it was my nephew's 18th knew...anyways...I made him a set of cards with a music theme...its pretty hard to tell in the scan, but the black paper is debossed with a music sheet (gotta luv the cuttlebug folders)...I used a just rite stamper individual that said Just a Note and had music notes on the other end to make the hopefully, he will like them, along with the cash money and movie ticket!

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