Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday - Happy Mail

Just another "Manic Monday" remember that song??? Well the weekend was busy and yet somewhat relaxing.

I think I have finally gotten rid of most of my's trying to hang on...but I say NO. Friday I basically came home and crashed...long week especially not feeling too hip all week. Saturday, got up did a few things around the apt and did a few outside errands...did a few little projects and hit the sack.
Sunday....was pretty lazy - guess I'm tired....I did manage to do a few things around the apartment...and spent a great deal of time dealing with the R-Contractor...finally the unit is done...for the love of Pete. Tony's gonna do a final clean today...basically just the bathroom...and then we will be good to go.
Still dealing with the squirrel issue...I think we've got all the little guys...BUT I'm still waiting for approval to get the trees trimmed and the hole patched up...seriously...ugh...and another tennant is moving out the end of the month....only to do this all over again....

I felt pretty good when I got to work today...and I checked my mail as I had forgotten to on Friday...and low and behold a little surprise...from MEME....Thank you for making me smile today!!!
So here's to a good week....TAC is finally filling orders from Feb there is hope my Feb 13th order will get here before my next hostess club on March 15th...fingers crossed!

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