Tuesday, February 24, 2009


WOW...what a day. It started out really rough....and became wonderful and now is trying to end on an uneven plane....what the???

Well...the squirrels are back. Fortunately for me...TAR is being actually nice and understanding and not yelling/bullying me. Thank You!

The remolded unit is finished. Yeah. Finally. I just have some minor details to finish. Yeah!

TAC is fulfilling orders from the 9th. YEAH. That means - hopefully - fingers crossed my order will ship this Friday. YEAH...no need to Rush It. Yeah.

Finally got the approval to get the trees cut. Yeah....now just waiting for the tree guy to call back. Then get the trees cut, then the hole patched...no more squirrels. YEAH!

Had a very crazy morning at work....day has been strange as well....oh well....and then the floor started shaking again....they are building a new building next to ours...and I feel motion sick from it...for the love of pete.

Got to get a few things at the store tonight...and then home it is....

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