Thursday, January 29, 2009


WOW...Wednesday was a blur. It was a very busy day...with lots of surprises and frustrations. My courtesy copy of the magalouge didn't show up...the ups man didn't show up...but I still had a great day.

BUT Today....the gods were smiling on me. The UPS man came and dropped off a box of magalouges for me and my courtesy copy was in there as well.

I am sooo excited about the many cute stamp sets....some okay 3 sets are on the way to me....and I most likely will order another 3 or 4. I am soo impressed with this magalouge...i hope that the new catalog in late June is just as was a good inpiration day.

I've got a busy Friday, Saturday and Sunday coming up. as usual, then I've got a few errands to run. I want to decorate the sales office with hearts etc for Valentine's Day...and I need to stop by the floral supply to get some clear bags. I am going to be doing a stamping project for Sabrina for some of her clients. We are putting together Valentine bags for them, and I will be using my Just Rite Stampers to customize them....I'll take a picture for sure. I've got to go and look for some empty cd see if I can find a deal on stamps coming need storage for what else....oh yeah....Saturday...workout with RICO, brunch with Diva...then home to do "stuff" around the apartment. Sunday, church and then I'm gonna stay at home...and just relax....

Here's to a happy Friday!

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PawsN2Stamp said...


Mine just came today!! I am so excited! They are so cool!