Thursday, February 26, 2009

SO Happy It's Thursday!!!

YEAH is all I can say!! We started this morning off with about 2 inches of snow in lovely Ballard. Seriously? Are you kidding me??? Anyways, by the time I left for work, the roads were clear and wet, slushing in some areas...but it was totally driveable to work. I did bring my snow boots (Thanks Pops) just in case. I must admit, those are the best for the money I paid on a random shopping trip with Pops!!!
I've got lots of bdays this week - well actually today. A shout out to Little Pumpkin *LP* - Happy bday buddy!!! It's Diva's bday and Siggys at work. I won't show what I made LP yet, or Diva for that matter...but here's Siggy's cards...Again I used the Just Rite Stamper for the "S" I didn't use a border. The scan's a bit short...but you get the idea. I love keeping the cards simple and different, as I am making them for a lot of people at work for their bdays...SO Happy Bday DIVA and Siggy!!!
I'm all dressed up today. I haven't worn a skirt/blouse combo to work for sometime feels good to be dressed up....must get in the habit again...
AND MY PACKAGE has SHIPPED from the Angel's slated to be here next Tuesday. BOY oh Boy. I'm getting some NEW Stamps from Heather today (we did an order earlier) and then next Tuesday..I'm on cloud 9...yeah!!!

Here's to NO MORE SNOW!!!

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