Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Monday!

WOW...the rest of last week just flew by. Many crazy stories....all I have to say is SQUIRREL...yikes...can't wait til that story is resolved.

On Saturday, I had an awesome workout with MEME for brunch...did a bit of shopping/errand running and ended up getting home around 4pm just in time to meet the squirrel guy. WOW...where did the day go.
I got all the cards prepared for my workshop on Sunday....Here is one of them. Sunday was alot of fun....good times....and then off to the rents for dinner.

When I got home I made another just two left. I finally found some envies to put inside of them, as one of the guys wants 30 envies and 30 inserts so he can write something for each day...awe cute....and then for my boss I need to make 6 cards with envies to put inside for his wife to use.'s to Monday!

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