Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Here it is...the middle of the week. Where has it gone?? Monday was a normal typical sleepy but busy day at work. Lots happening...lots to do....Tuesday showed up, and Heather and I went to go see Inkheart - thank goodness for the free pass. It wasn't a horrible was nice to escape for a couple of hours with no interruptions.

Today...I will be heading out during lunch to go to craft shopping, I have a couple of coupons and a gift card wahoo....I am looking for a border punch for my valentine's day cards...I need to finish the mailboxes that have been ordered, and I need find some small envies that will fit inside them for my one custom order...but there is time.

I need to get my cards together for my workshop on Sunday. I got all the orders sorted with their new stamps....and I have a ton to cut out not only for me, but for Cindy. So that's what I will be doing the next week or so during lunch. I need to get some more empty cd cases to store them in....and Cyn wants some hopefully I'll get enough interest to order a case of 200.

So here's to getting everything done!!!

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Helen said...

nice to see you blogging again. I can live YOUR life as well as mine. It was great seeing you on Saturday - I'm proud of BOTH of us. Diva