Saturday, July 29, 2006

The weekend...finally it's here

Oh Friday came and went, I headed home and met my new tenant so he and his girlfriend could move in. Glad we had decided to meet at 7:30 as the traffic was horrible. With the shooting downtown the traffice everywhere was at a standstill. Such a sad sad day...such a shame.

Afterwards...headed upstairs and just chilled out.

I made myself sleep in. It was hard. I woke up at 5:30 like normal, but went back to bed. Finally after 2 other attempts to sleep in...I finally got up at 9:30.

I had promised Momma Char that I would give a fellow TAC a call about her upcoming workshop etc. SO I did...we talked for about an was a good conversation and I hope I helped her with ideas etc.

Then it was off to the bank, the post office, walgreens, starbucks..of then to Costco. On the way home, I stopped and saw my pops at work..and then I headed home, and got my TAC orders ready to deliver. SO off I went to deliver....then "V" called...home from work...he said let's go to I met him at the Sushi place on 15th.

We had a great dinner....and alas no camera...don't have room for it in my NEW my new "special" bag is on it's that will hold my camera, magazine, planner, tac stuff and the apartment stuff.....I feel sooo lost without that stuff...but is what it

SO we are just chilling on the couch watching the Seafair parade on tv...talking and catching up for th week.


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pinknest said...

i lug so much stuff in my bag as well and feel naked if it isn't heavy!