Thursday, July 27, 2006

Points to ponder...

The other day "V" informed me he didn't like my big black bag that DIVA #1 gave me. One would wonder why he doesn't like it, perhaps its too big...maybe??

What I actually think it is - is that a few times I have had him hold my bag...I think he thinks it could be considered a "man bag" the other day....he came over with a "new" purse for me...its smaller and really nice...a nice light carmel leather...and he told me he has "bid" on a special bag on ebay for put my magazine in, my few TAC items and my few apartment items...he promises...that. i . will. love. it.

I asked him...So how gay is that (No offense is meant to anyone by this statement)??? Now mind you "V" is a manly, baseball, name the fact that he bought me a just wow...shocking.

It's funny I was telling DIVA #1 and she was just laughing...and we got onto the subject of what else "V" would buy me if I asked...such as well tampons. I said of course he would buy them...he actually's a necessity toothpaste or'm really lucky...he is very's amazing...we've been friends for sooo long...and to have what we have now...guess our time is finally happening after all these years.

Back to "V" so we laughed at the fact he bought me a purse. I teased him saying...just wait til I tell all your buddies....ha! And I continued with..I wonder what they will think when I tell them you took me to go see The Lakehouse...but that we had to go to a late showing in a different town so you wouldn't be "V"...not!


pinknest said...

that IS hilarious yet adorable!!

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