Monday, July 10, 2006

A Not SO Manic Monday

So today started off with a phone call from "B" saying he was gonna be late picking me up for work. At least he was picking me up, especially with the car dead.

I called pops and told him what was going on with the car. He's checking into parts and such.

I got to work and got the best email message. DIVA #1 sent me a totally made my day. And even Dottie sent one too....The day had to be better.

It was busy. Lots of Jazz Fest stuff....made good progress.....felt a "little off" most of the day...not so cheery (as "D" said) but okay.

DIVA #1 called me and we had a good chat....I think we are gonna head to breakfast on will be good to see her and catch up!

I'm not depressed I guess just a little defeated...but this too will pass. I know part of it is my new medicine and such and it will just take a bit longer than I would hope to even out...but that's okay, I'm moving that is all I can do my best.


time for bed...

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