Sunday, July 23, 2006

Murphy hates me...

Yes I am convinced Murphy (you all know him...Murphys Law) hates me.

Saturday I was supposed to be going to Heathers for a few hours of stamping. I had really been looking forward to it. SO my day started off about 2 hours behind. I needed to do laundry...and I got up about an hour later than I had wanted to. Then I got a call from a tenant about picking her paper up on Sunday since she was gonna be out of town. IT took me forever to get her off the I was even later starting my stuff.

Finally managed to get going...took my laundry downstairs and then headed to Starbucks to get something cool to drink. Came back, clothes in the dryer...went upstairs and I had a ton of calls to return and tell them the place was rented....ugh...even later...finally got ready...and headed out...took C.C.'s deposit to the bank...and then FINALLY on the Road to was 11am..and I had wanted to be leaving at 9am. BUT hey at least I was on the road.

I had my directions, bottled water (as it was gonna be hot) and my cell all charged up. I thought I had Heather's phone number in my it said Heather in my I was good.

Made it to Maple Valley....which I had never been there before...don't know if I went the most effiecient was as I had used Yahoo maps...but hey got there and didn't get lost. I found the BofA no problem (I had originally planned to deposit C.C. deposit there IF I had left at 9am) and then headed to Heather's. I got to this one point and then totally got lost. I mean really lost. The poor mailman had no clue where Heather's place was. The people I asked had no I kept driving around the development area....still lost...with NO Heather's place in site. I went to grab my cell call Heather....and the Heather that is in my cell the Heather at WORK....and then my cell had NO SERVICE...what is up with that???? SO after about an hour of driving around lost....I finally found the main road....and headed home. I was was an hour hour lost and an hour home...and 11o miles later. UGH...I so sucked....I felt bad I didn't make it I was really mad at myself....ugh!!!!

Oh well....chalk it up to not being as prepared as I usually am....


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