Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My dr's appt

Finally. My dr's appointment was here. I got up on Monday and did a few things around the apartment...but basically just took it easy. Around 10:15, I headed to the dr's. When I got there...I started to get nervous. Why??? well not sure what to expect from the new doc.

So I checked in, sat down....and waited.

Then my name was called. SO....i got up and headed in. The nurse was very nice but somewhat nervous....ugh....but then the doctor came in and we really talked. We talked about diabetes, we talked about being a team and doing what needed to be done. How we were gonna accomplish it and set down a plan of attack. I have to say that this was the best diabetic meeting I have had.

We changed my medication, and are going to monitor me a little closer. I go back in 6 weeks, okay actually 7 as she is on vacation. At that time, we will add some other medications.

I am a little worried about my new diabetic medication, cuz it does have some side effects...and I actually am showing 2 of them. I am hoping as I get used to the medication, that they will subside. I take 1 of the new tablets every morning....for one week. Then I take one tablet in the morning and one at night. The other medicine is what I am taking now...but I just take one in the morning now. So, I've been a little sleepy, a little queszy and well a little...ugh....hopefully it won't be sooo bad tomorrow as I have to go to work. BUT at least it is Wednesday...and only 3 days for the week.

Anyways.....I am excited about the changes....just got to hang in there!!!

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